Where To Travel In 2016

In today’s world, travel is the ultimate commodity. With scores of young workers forgoing buying their own property or car in favor of exploring the world, the hunger for international exploration has never been higher in recent years. The travel industry, thankfully, is hot on the trend and now, it is easier than ever to venture to any corner of the world and experience something truly incredible. When it comes to picking a travel destination, however, it can be easier said than done and with dozens of destinations vying for your attention, actually making a selection can be a long and difficult process.

Luckily for you, you don’t have to worry any more and whether you’re searching for a great city break, a tropical adventure or a beach holiday, these vacation spots will have you well covered.

Havana, Cuba

With international relations between the US and Cuba at their best in years, traveling to Cuba looks like it might actually be a whole lot easier this year. If you’re one of the lucky few that get to venture to the country in the coming months, then you should make a beeline for its capital, Havana. Since tourism in the city has been so low for so long, there are still dozens of untouched areas in Havana’s streets that are just waiting to be explored. While planning a trip to the city might take a little more legwork than other places, discovering something off the beaten track is truly worth it and if you want a little extra guidance, there are plenty of tour operators that can guide you in the right direction. 

Quebec City, Canada

While venturing north might not be something you’re willing to do during the winter months, there’s a lot on offer in Canada’s cities that make even the most freezing of temperatures bearable. Topping the country’s list this year is Quebec City, a town steeped in old European culture. Architectural styles in the city’s old town are a great way of stepping back in time and experiencing the place as it might have been a few hundred years ago. Complete with winding lanes, cobbled streets and brightly colored buildings, you might just think you’re in rural France.

Kotor, Montenegro

A city in a country that you might never have heard of, Kotor is making serious waves in the travel industry this year. Nestled in the heart of Montenegro – one of Europe’s smallest and most stunning countries – the city enjoys a backdrop of impressive mountain vistas and clear winding rivers. Blessed with the warm waters of the mediterranean, Kotor is one of the best places in which to pass the summer months and, thanks to its incognito status, there are relatively few tourists about either. Strike while the iron’s hot and everyone else realizes what a gem of a city it is.

George Town, Malaysia

Not to be confused with the other George Town with which you might be familiar, the Malaysian city balances high and low art on every street corner. Named as a Unesco World Heritage site, the city is blessed with one of the most impressive and ancient streetscapes in the world. On the other side of the city, however, is something much younger as local artists push the contemporary culture scene. Steeped in tradition and searching for something new, George Town is a real mix of worlds.

Nashville, Tennessee

One of the most exciting cities in the US right now, Nashville is doing a lot of things worth paying attention to. While the country scene is still very much alive and well, there is a a great deal of change underway in the city as new creatives workforces take over the place. While the gentrification is changing the look and feel of old Nashville, what’s taking over is equally worth seeing. Contemporary arts and cutting edge culture bubbles are popping up in pockets over the city and if you’re a fan of everything new, then you will want to take a look.

If you make 2016 about anything at all, then it should be exploration. Offering new perspectives on world culture, these cities are the places to be this year and if you want to beat the crowds, you’ll check them out while they’re still relatively under the radar.

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