Fall In Focus: Essential Pieces For This Season’s Wardrobe

Now that September is well and truly under way, the first signs of fall have started to appear. With leaves tumbling, temperatures dropping and spiced drinks flowing, we can finally start to turn our attentions to the fall wardrobe and everything that comes with it. Fall is one of the best seasons for clothing out there; neither too hot nor too cold, it gives you the opportunity to play around with your styling and sample a new look or two along the way. This fall, it’s all about utility pieces and by choosing the most adaptable styles out there, you can make even more out of your wardrobe.

These fall pieces are always essential buys and by making them a part of your look this season, you can breathe new life into your existing pieces.

Fitted Turtleneck

While the turtleneck was once a thing of fashion’s past, it has made a comeback in recent years and now, it is bigger and better than ever before. Rather than opting for a baggy, oversized number, you would do well to turn your attention to the more fitted counterparts that are making the rounds. Choosing a snug turtleneck in a wine, navy or green shade can help you cosy up to the season without putting in too much effort. Shallow necked efforts are arguably the most chic out there and by teaming them with skirts and pants alike, you can make the most out of the changing weather and your changing wardrobe!

Bomber Jacket

With fall under way, it’s time to start layering up and there is no better way in which to do so than with a bomber jacket. Lightweight, fuss free and easily worn, the bomber jacket can update any existing look you have, adding a sporty edge to even the most polished of outfits. Choosing a well fitted bomber jacket in a leather, silk or mesh finish can update the looks you already have and give you a fresh option to add to your existing rotation. There are a ton out there at this time of year so no matter your budget, you’re bound to find something you really love!


There are sneakers and then there are sneakers. Our attentions are most firmly focused on the latter category. Chic, pared back sneakers are a great way to segway into the colder season, giving your feet a chance to settle into a closed off shoe in the best comfort possible. When you’re on the hunt for the perfect pair, think simple. Plain leather finishes in muted tones can be added to any kind of outfit to finish it off with a contemporary feel. If you want to go a little more luxe in your search, try opting for a metallic hue. The tone will add a pop to any outfit, letting your feet do the talking for you.

Printed Blouse

With all of those neutral tones making an appearance, it’s worth opting for something that has a little bit more going on. Enter the printed blouse. Easily incorporated into any neutral wardrobe, the printed blouse can help to update even the oldest of looks. For the best results, try opting for regular patterns and teaming it with a well fitted pair of trousers. Whether you tuck it in or leave it loose is up to you; you can change the look of your outfit simply by how you style it.

Faux Suede Skirt

Suede look materials have been making a name for themselves for several seasons now and it doesn’t look like the trend is going to stop any time soon. Whether you go long or super short with your selection, the choice is yours. Both can be easily paired into a fall wardrobe, so don’t be afraid to experiment with the length. Pencil styles are some of the most adaptable, easily teamed with a t shirt, chunky sweater or lighter knit. If you’re opting for a shorter number, try adding extra height with a pair of knee high boots. Your look can see you through warmer spells and colder days; adapt your skirt with any number of layers and see just how well it can work for you.

Self Style: How To Revamp Your Wardrobe

Getting the chance to have your very own personal stylist is something that many of dream about. While you might already have your own signature look, knowing how to pair outfits together on a daily basis can still sometimes be a struggle and rather than the minimalist, Pinterest dream you long for, your closet might still be a mishmash of the everyday, the occasional and the mismatched. Getting advice from a trained expert is one of the best ways to get your clothing life into order but unless you’re a celebrity or in the fashion industry, actually finding someone who can help can be something of an issue.

Luckily, though, there is another way. By applying the mentality of a personal stylist to your own wardrobe, you can figure out where to streamline your fashion choices and pinpoint what is missing from your collection. You are your ultimate critic, so be prepared to self-edit, take a long hard look at your clothing choices and get your closet back on track.

What Are You Trying To Achieve?

Before you get going with revamping your style, it’s worth taking a look at your existing collection and asking yourself what you want to change. Do you need clothes for work of functional events? Are you trying to become more refined? Do you simply want to make better use out of what you already have? Going into the whole process with a clear idea of what you want to get out of it at the end will help you to refine your focus and streamline your efforts towards the areas that really need extra work.

Where Are The Holes?

We’re talking about holes in your clothing collection, of course! Taking stock of what you already have inside your closet is a great way of figuring out where you need to begin making changes and of the types of pieces that might work well with your existing outfits. Try separating pieces into categories and then pairing them together into potential outfits. If you find that you’re missing a few extra shirts or one great dress, add them onto your “to buy” list. The key is to have a complete collection that can last into the future.

What Events Do You Have Lined Up?

If you’re going to be making drastic changes to your existing clothing collection, it’s worth taking a look at your diary before you get going. What social events or work functions do you have coming up? Where are you going to spending a lot of your time in the near future? The things that you have lined up are likely going to take up the majority of your time, so it’s worth making sure that your closet matches up what you have going on. If you find any huge gaps, try and fill them before the event comes up, keeping your existing outfits in mind.

What Makes You Feel Comfortable?

The most important thing to bear in mind when you’re making any major clothing changes is what makes you feel comfortable. While the thought of getting a brand new look might seem tempting, you’re not going to wear clothes if you don’t feel comfortable in them, so any new purchase like this will only turn out to be a waste. Your personal style should be individual to you, so try not to fixate too much on current trends when you go shopping. Think about how you like to feel during the week and at the weekend and go on from there!

What Do You Love In Your Closet Now?

When you get going in revamping your wardrobe, try taking a look at what you already like in your collection. Pick out three to four pieces that you really love and use them as your starting point. The chances are that, if you love the clothing item, it says something important about your personal style, so try and go with it. Something as simple as a color choice or a cut of t-shirt could be all that it takes to find your personal style; go with what makes you happy!

Changing up your wardrobe is a great way of refreshing your look and making more out of your outfits but essentially, you need to craft something that feels true to who you are. Pick a direction a go with it, but if you want to go outside of the lines from time to time, feel free; your style reflects who you are, so make sure you do yourself justice.

Easy Ways To Update Your Winter Wardrobe

With the new year and a new month rolling into 2016, there has never been a better time than now in which to update your winter wardrobe. Drab days and miserable months can seem to take over winter and with spring very much on the far horizon, it can be hard to keep your spirits high. Giving your wardrobe a much needed facelift will not only brighten your spirits but also, is a great excuse to get prepped for the coming season. Who said that winter had to be all about monochrome, anyway?

When it comes to updating your winter wardrobe, you needn’t take drastic measures in order to breathe new life into your outfits. Adding and taking away a few selected outfits is enough to freshen up your clothes and give older pieces a little rejuvenation, too. You can even try your own hand at a little customization to change up older pieces and get them ready for the new season. Just because something fails to make the wardrobe cut, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be used and reused.

Customize Your Shirts

One of the best ways to change up your wardrobe without actually having to splash loads of cash on new looks is by taking to the scissors and having a go at a little home customization. When it comes to self-styling, it doesn’t come much easier than old t shirts. Simply by cutting into old pieces and adding in a few extra panels or materials, you can completely change up your look. One really simple way to go about doing it is to cut a deep V into the back of an old shirt and sew in thick strips of brightly colored material. The flash of bright color will instantly elevate your winter look and the peep holes make it a great option to carry forward into spring.

Brighten Your Tights

We all know that black pantyhose are a staple of any winter wardrobe but if you’re feeling a little drab, they’re a great thing to cut from your outfit list. Replacing black or gray tights with brightly colored stockings can instantly lift any look and remarkably brighten your mood, too. Adding patterns or bold, block color to a sombre look can really kick your outfit into life and change up tired clothes. The more confident that you feel, the bolder the look can be!

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Bejewel Your Sweaters

While decking out your sweaters in sequins and rhinestones can be a little much, you can give old tops much needed sparkle while keeping things relatively toned down. Adding a flash of glamor to your sweaters, bejeweled elbow patches are a quick and easy way to breathe new life into your tired knits. The patches are incredibly easy to make and take very little work to complete. All you need to do is to attach two patches to your sweater of choice using fabric glue, leave them to dry and then begin bejeweling your work. Sparkle can be yours in no time at all!

Repurpose Your Summer Clothes

Just because the weather leaves a lot to be desired, it doesn’t mean that your wardrobe has to follow suit. Making use out of non-seasonal pieces can really help to brighten up your outfit choices and shed new light on how you wear your clothes. While many of your summer clothes might be inappropriate to be worn on their own, there’s no reason why you can’t repurpose them to match up to any cold weather snap. Layering brighter pieces with warmer t shirts, jackets or tights can add a much needed lift to your look and keep your mood elevated until spring rolls around.

Add Some Neckwear

Winter is all about the humble scarf and while you might have your favorite all-purpose weather version, there’s no reason that you can’t use staying warm as an opportunity to style things up a little. Although there are a ton of great winter scarves out there, you can try warming up with a detachable collar. Whether peter pan, beaded or feathered collars are your thing, it doesn’t matter; there are lots of choices out there which will change up any old shirt while keeping you warm at the same time.

No matter your style, there are many ways in which you can change up your winter wardrobe and banish the seasonal blues. All it takes is a little styling, a dash of ingenuity and a new wardrobe can be yours!

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