Festive Frills: How To Perfect Your Holiday Look

The holiday season is well and truly here and over the next few weeks, you might find yourself up to your eyeballs in festive and celebratory events. This is the time of the year in which letting loose and having a good time is practically enforced and in order to get into the swing of things, you’re going to need to get your makeup on point. Juggling multiple events need not be a tricky process. By going in for a different look for each party, you can effectively trial a new style at every holiday event, without having to splash the cash. Getting your makeup do the talking for you will take all the pressure off, helping you to make yourself up into whatever kind of festive face you fancy!

Bold Lips

Nothing says festive quite like a bold lip. While you might be more into the shy and retiring shades of pinks and nudes, the holiday season will help to ramp up your beauty style a little bit more and try something out of your comfort zone. If you’re new to the whole bold lip thing, try testing the waters with a darker neutral shade and gradually brightening it up. If, however, you’re a seasoned pro, this time of year will give you a great excuse to go even more dramatic with the trend. Add a little color, pile on the gloss and think about adding a little glitter into the mix for good measure. There’s no such thing as going overboard!

Glowing Skin

Got great skin? Now is the time to shine a light on it. Opting out of a more dramatic look to let your natural beauty do the talking is always a great idea and by ramping up your routine just a little, you can show off your best assets even more effectively. Dewy, glowing skin deserves to have a little extra sparkle at this time of the year, so make sure you pick your products accordingly. Getting that casual glow can be a little more tricky at this time of year, so trying an illuminating foundation can really help to perfect your look. Add a little highlighter on your cheekbones, on the center of your nose and on your forehead high points. You will catch the light at all the right angles.

Bright Eyes

Some say that the eyes are the best feature of a person’s face and if you’re of that mentality, you might choose to let yours do all the talking for you this festive season. Focusing on your eyes as part of your makeup is always a good idea, giving you a lot more leeway when it comes to experimenting with new looks. If you’re more of a neutral person, making your eyeshadow shades that little bit darker when it comes to the holiday season can give you an instant day to night look. To make things that bit more dramatic, try adding on a little extra eyeliner before you go out and filling in your eyebrows. Your look will pop, even in the dark.

Loose Waves

Now is the time of the year in which to make the most of your locks. Going for a ramped up style can be just the thing to perfect your festive look, so don’t be afraid to try something that’s new for you. When it comes to holiday parties, a perfected wave is always going to go down a treat. Giving you that just-polished-enough look, waves can be dressed up or down accordingly, depending on the type of gathering that you’re attending. Add a little extra hairspray if you’re taking the look from day to night and let your hair do all the talking for you!

Glitter Goals

Feeling a little more confident in the makeup department? This is the time of year in which to really ramp things up a gear. If you’ve got a whole lot of parties to attend and you really want to make a bold statement, opting for a little festive glitter is a fantastic idea. Taking applying the glitter to one part of your face as a rule of thumb can stop things from getting too over the top and help you to focus your makeup look on one area alone. Using glitter on either your eyes or your lips will give you that festive glow for which you might be searching, making every gathering all the more festive. Pick a shade, pare back the makeup elsewhere on your face and you’ll have a look worth talking about!

Love Your Locks: 5 Hair Styling Products Loved By The Professionals

Taking care of yourself all starts with the products that you use. While using right kind of styling equipment might vary from person to person, there are classic items that have universal appeal. If you’re struggling to know where to begin with your hair, however, you’re probably not alone. From the drugstore right up to the salon, there are dozens of products out there, each one promising to be the holy grail of hair styling items. While your preferences might change on a daily basis, there are a number of items that are bound to always see you right. These hair professional favorites are great for manes across the board and by making them a part of your routine, you can get the look you’ve always dreamed of.

Aveda Brilliant Spray-On Shine

Who doesn’t dream of smooth, shiny locks? If your hair has been looking a little more dull than usual, you might be at a loss of what to do, but all it takes is a little extra styling. Aveda’s Brilliant Spray-On Shine is a professional favorite, and it’s not hard to see why. When used alongside a blow dryer, the spray can cut drying time in half, helping you to reduce any damage to your hair. As well as protecting your locks, the spray can finish off your hair with a subtle shine, improving its texture without weighing you down.

Five Wits Rejuvenating Cleanser

Have you been treating your hair in a bad way recently? All it takes is a little TLC to get it back on track. Rather than dousing your locks in heavy, greasy conditioner, you might want to turn your attention to a cleanser to add body and shine. Five Wits Rejuvenating Cleanser is one of the very best. Balanced and effective, the product repairs damage with its gentle conditioning treatments. Light, fresh and fitted out with a great scent, it’s no wonder this is a favorite with professionals!

Living Proof Perfect Day Dry Shampoo

Dealing with your hair on those in-between days can be a real struggle. Finding a dry conditioner that really works for you is often easier said than done and if you’re fed up of dealing with overly-powdery formulas, you’re probably not alone. Enter Living Proof. One of the best haircare brands around, Living Proof have a great arsenal of products, all starting with their dry shampoo. Helping to extend the amount of time you wait in between washes, the product also adds a nice touch of texture to your locks. Just spray on the product, rub it in and let the rest work its magic.

SachaJuan Ocean Mist

A haircare holy grail, SachaJuan Ocean Mist is one of those products that you will come back to again and again. A sea salt spray, the product manages to add just the right amount of body and bounce with leaving your hair feeling crispy. If you want volumized hair, spray on the product before you give yourself a blow dry. If beachy waves are your things, a few spritzes on dry hair ought to do the trick. Long lasting and finished with a great scent, the Ocean Mist spray is bound to become a regular in your bathroom cupboard.

Davines Nou Nou Hair Mask

Sometimes, there are simply days in which your regular routine is not enough. If you’ve been over styling your hair, adding a hair mask can be a great way of repairing any breakages and getting your locks back on track. If things need a complete turnaround, try directing your attentions to the Davines Nou Nou Hair Mask. Rich and intensively conditioning, the mask can work wonders even against the most heat damaged hair. If you like to heat your hair throughout the week, try using the hair mask during the evening before you start your week. Using the mask once a week will help to repair any damage and keep your hair looking at its very best! Don’t forget to rinse it off well after use; while it might be lightweight, the mask can stick around even after you’ve finished using it.

Forever Young: The Best Celebrity Anti-Aging Advice

As you get older, your thoughts might turn to how you can enter your later years with grace. While you might not be sure what the best cream to use might be, there are a group of people with all of the details you need to know. Celebrities get some of the best insight into the beauty world and when it comes to looking young and fresh, they’re way ahead of the curve. Want to look your very best, no matter what your age? It’s time to listen to the experts!

Don’t Wait, Hydrate!

It’s fair to say that Demi Moore looks better than ever. If you thought her secret to looking so young and fresh was a closely guarded secret, however, think again. The star is said to follow a strict regime of piling on the moisture, hydrating her skin no matter the hour. Taking the time to cleanse and moisturize your skin at the start and end of the day can make all the difference to how you look over time. Even if you feel ready to hit the hay, taking the extra 5 minutes it takes to throw on a little moisturizer can help your skin to look fresh and plump, even when you’re feeling tired.

Cater To Your Hair Tone

As you get older, your hair color can shift and fade and if you want to avoid dyeing your locks, there are some natural steps you can take. If you’re a redhead, like Nicole Kidman, try rinsing your hair with cranberry juice when you’re in the shower. The drink might help to boost your color and keep it looking vibrant as you get older. And if you’re a blond? Kidman recommends dousing your locks in champagne at the end of a shower. While this kind of splurge might only be occasional, it can really make a difference to your tone and shade.

Keep Your Hair In Check

The kind of haircut you have can define how the world sees you; just ask Jennifer Aniston. Getting the right kind of cut and color to match your skin tone as you get older can make all the difference. What suits you at one age might not necessarily continue to bring out your best features as you get older, so make sure you pay attention to your skin tone and prominent features. While Aniston might have opted for a similarly shaped “Rachel” cut over the years, she changed the style as she got older, lightening up the color to draw attention to her eyes. Sun-kissed highlights and soft layers frame the face, lifting what nature already gave her!

Keep It Flexible

It’s not all about beauty secrets when it comes to anti-ageing. By moving your body in the right kind of way, you can keep yourself looking supple and in great shape as you get older! Celebrities like Diane Lane have turned to yoga as a way of looking their best and the results are clear to see. The muscle strengthening activity keeps the muscles toned and supple, helping the skin to retain its elasticity. Helping you to feel more relaxed, yoga can also prevent stress from showing up in your complexion, giving you a fresher, more youthful appearance!

Indulge When You Can

While your daily routine should be enough to keep you looking at your very best, there’s nothing wrong with indulging yourself a little star treatment from time to time. Celebrities like Halle Berry don’t look like they do by chance and by visiting a master facialist every once in awhile, she continues to look at her very best. Treating yourself to a specialist treatment every few months is a great way to give your skin a natural boost and help it to look revitalized. Doing so at the start of every new season can help even more, making it easier for you to adapt to sudden changes in temperature.

Drink It Up

Water is great for practically every part of your body, not least the appearance of your skin. Getting your fill of the stuff can help to boost your skin’s appearance and keep you well hydrated as you get older. Stars like Naomi Watts understand the benefits of drinking enough water. Balancing a healthy intake of water with a bi-monthly facial habit, the actress keeps her skin looking soft and supple with barely any effort. Now that’s something we can all aim towards!

5 Hair Masks To Tame Your Mane This Winter

Holiday styling, indoor heating and freezing temperatures can all but ruin that perfectly tamed mane you were sporting just a few months ago and by the time you end the winter season, it’s easy to wonder what went wrong with your hair. The time between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day is filled with seasonal goodwill and joy but despite this, it probably hasn’t been kind to your locks. When it comes to winter hair care, it pays to get a little military about your regime and while you’re boosting the products you apply to your face, it can be worth investing in the health of the top of your head, too.

Applying hair masks throughout the winter season is one of the best ways to come out of the other side looking and feeling at your best. Topping up on moisture is nothing to be sniffed at, either; with any number of extreme temperature changes going on, your hair might be crying out for a little extra love and if it’s neglected, things can become very frizzy, very quickly. These hair masks are some of the best out there and will enable you to throw off your winter beanie once and for all and let your hair be free.

Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment

If you suffer from dry or deeply damaged hair, then this is the mask that is going to give you your control back. Created by a stylist who aims to give everyone a head full of “virgin” untouched hair, the Restore Mask Treatment will strengthen every lock by up to 9 times. That’s no mean feat for a little tub. Going deeper than the deepest conditioner, the Living Proof Mask will see even the frizziest of heads through the winter season, coming out of the other side with a little extra glow.

Pantene Pro V Weekly Rehab Crème

If you style or color your hair regularly, then you might be feeling the damage during the winter months. Changing your look might be a great way of mixing up your appearance but regular styling changes can soon begin to take its toll on even the most sturdy of manes. Taking a break from styling is a great way to give your hair the chance it needs to recover and get back in shape and while you’re doing so, applying a restorative cream can really do the trick. This one by Pantene Pro V will really whip your hair back into shape, and help it to get back to its normal healthy look. Packed full of antioxidants, it is also a great mask to use to strengthen your hair and make it more resilient to future styling.

Bumble and Bumble Quenching Mask

When it comes to Bumble and Bumble, you’re pretty much guaranteed that whatever you put on your locks will turn them into gold. It’s little surprise, then, that their quenching mask is one of the most effective treatments against the damage of the winter season. While it might be of particular interest to those with dry, damaged hair, the mask works wonders on any hair type, deeply conditioning down to the roots. Better yet, the mask doesn’t leave behind any waxy residue, making it perfect for regular use.

Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle Condition

Promising to turn your hair nightmares around in just 3 minutes, the Aussie hair mask might just be a miracle in a bottle. Packed full of sea kelp, jojoba seed oil and aloe, the treatment has all of the essential ingredients to turn even the driest of heads into something a little smoother. Working on any frizzy, dried out or damaged manes, this hair mask might just beat the lot and after one use, you could be hooked for life.

While following your regular hair care routine is all well and good, during the winter months, it pays to really up the ante and indulge a little bit. Using a hair mask regularly could dramatically improve the condition and feel of your hair after the harsh season, making stepping into spring a real joy. Just because winter is all around, it doesn’t mean that it should be in your hair too. Take control, and show winter just what your mane is made of.

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