These Are The Fashion Trends You Need For 2017

The air might be heavy with the remnants of 2016 but the times have very much moved on. With the arrival of the new year comes the chance to start afresh, wipe the slate clean and move on to something different. While 2017 has yet to unveil what kind of a year it might shape up to be, you can get ahead of the curve and figure out how your immediate environment might look over the coming months. These fashion trends are set to make big news in the coming year, changing the way that we dress for every day of the week. Take note and start getting some inspiration; you’re bound to be picking up these looks before long!

Pretty in Pink

Pink just had an update. Gone are the days of sugary sweet shades and flushed florals; now, the color is as chic as they come, offering a much needed boost of brightness into your everyday wardrobe. From the SS17 runways right down to the high street, pink has popped up in collection after collection, offering a playful take on everyday neutrals. There is a shade of pink out there for every type of complexion and whether you’re a fan of bright colors or prefer something a little more muted, you will find the tone to work for you. 2017 is most definitely in the pink.

Bold and Bright

Nautical stripes have had their day; now, it’s all about bold, ‘90s inspired lines. Sporty stripes are going to be a big thing for the months ahead, transforming the most basic of clothing options into items with attitude. Bold, primary colors have dominated the world of stripes for the upcoming season, adding serious edge to the traditionally refined style. If you’re feeling really daring, go ahead and mix and match your stripes; the bolder you go, the better.

Getting Sporty

We’re not talking sweatpants and hoodies here; sportswear has been given the luxe treatment for 2017 and now, it’s doing serious style business. Athluxury is a big deal this coming season, blending the effortlessness of your sports gear with the elegance of a tailored suit. Think slouchy suit pants, loosely tailored jackets and luxe sweats. Adding in bold pops of color here and there will only elevate the look, making your outfit really stand out from the crowd.

Making a Statement

Of course, 2017 isn’t all about the clothes. If you’re a fan of sporting a bold, costume jewelry piece, this year is going to make you really happy. The coming months are all about statement earrings and cuffs, making the accessory the most important part of any outfit. Over the shoulder, up the ear and eye popping pieces were seen across the runways last year and now, the glam look has filtered down to the high street. Get out your costume jewelry pieces and layer them up. When it comes to this trend, more is most definitely more.

Blooming Basics

While florals and spring time seem to come around every year, 2017 has something of a different take on the look. Gone are the days of delicate, feminine prints; now, florals are back in a much badder guise. Taking inspiration from the mod looks of the 1960s, 2017’s florals are bold and bright, finished off in statement color combinations and a variety of sizes. Whether you’re a fan of the small print or are in the market for something a little bolder and brighter, there is bound to be a style out there to meet your tastes.

Blow It Up

Enhanced sleeves made an appearance towards the end of last year but in 2017, they’re back in a much bigger guise. Taking influence from the shapes of 1980s catwalks, this season’s sleeves are voluminous and pumped up, making a statement all on their own. While mutton sleeves, bell sleeves and bishop’s sleeves might look like a hard style to master, they are a great deal more wearable than you might have thought. Give your basic top a sleeve statement and ease your wardrobe into the coming months.

Winter Warmers: The Best Snuggly Coats To Keep You Cosy

Love it or hate it, like it or not, winter is well and truly here. With the colder days and the bitter night comes even more reason to cozy up by the fire, wrap yourself in a blanket and get seriously warm. What do you do, though, when the time comes to venture out into the cold? Eventually, you will have to leave the nesting spot you’ve created for yourself and when that happens, it’s best to be as prepared as is possible. Enveloping yourself in a durable, snuggly winter coat is a must when you’re battling the freezing weather, so it pays to ensure you get a design that’s going to last. These winter coats cover all the necessities of the season, giving you everything you could possibly need to see the next few months in style.

Double Breasted Peacoat

There’s always a good reason to keep things classic. When it comes to your coat, opting for a durable style is always going to see you right, making it easier to hold onto the same design for the years to come. This double breasted peacoat is about as classic as they come, incorporating simple tailoring to perfect effect. The camel tone is always a great idea for the winter season, matching easily with any kind of close style. Buttoned up to the neck and finished off in wool, the coat is warm and cosy, helping to protect you from even the most bitter of winter winds.

Faux Fur Coat

Opting for a little faux fur will always see you right, giving you that extra touch of warmth you need in order to survive the most bitter of winter seasons. This chic coat incorporates the design feature to perfect effect, incorporating a simple touch of the stuff on the hood. Longer in length, the coat offers an extra element of cosy protection, keeping even more of your body warm when you’re battling against the cold.

Hooded Quilted Jacket

If preppy style is more your cup of tea, opting for a little quilting is always going to see you right. Not only do quilted jackets tend to be warmer than their counterparts but also, they are finished off in a chic styling detail that you might be hard pressed to find elsewhere. This navy offering comes equipped with a hood, giving you even more chance to stay warm against the cold. Great when dressed up or down, this coat is the ultimate adaptable item, helping you to look your best when you’re fighting the winter.

Water Repellant Quilted Jacked

If you know that you’re going to be in an area in which the weather can take a sudden turn for the worse, it’s worth protecting yourself against any eventuality. Opting for a coat that is both cold and water proof can really serve you right, ensuring that you stay as snuggly and warm as possible. This sturdy jacket is practically winter-proof, helping to seal your body off from any kind of sudden weather change. Finished off with a faux fur hood, the coat makes a contemporary design nod, fitting into any kind of outfit.

Stand Collar Wool Coat

Winter coats can be about so much more than practicality alone and by looking a little closer to the details, you can find something that you’re bound to love for years to come. This stand collar wool coat makes a design statement without going overboard, adding just the right level of chicness to your look. Finished off in a rich wine shade, the coat will stand out from the crowd, ensuring that you’re always the best dressed person in the room.

Wool Duffle Coat

Duffle coats are always a good clothing option, particularly if you want to look good when you’re battling against the cold. While there are any number of color options out there, going for a more classic tone can make it easier for you to incorporating the item into any sort of outfit. This duffle coat features both toggles and a supplementary zip, ensuring that your body will stay well protected from the cold. Wrap up tight and head out into any winter weather; you will always be cosy.

Get Cozy: Affordable Ways To Spruce Up Your Sleepwear

With the cold weather comes a whole new set of reasons why you should be getting cozy. Making the most of your interior space is one of the best ways to enjoy the winter and when it comes to warming up, there is no better way in which to do so than with a great set of loungewear. With everyone from celebrities to lifestyle enthusiasts singing their praises for sleepwear, there has been no better time in which to get on the cozy train. If you’re new to the whole thing, then you have a whole load of options right at your fingertips. These affordable sleepwear designs will help you to make your debut into the clothing style, giving you even more reason to stay in when it’s cold out.

Flannel Pajama Set

First things first, you need to set your sights on the ultimate pajamas. Opting for a flannel-based product can really serve you right, helping you to stay warm and feel all the more comfortable. While there are any number of styles out there, a traditional tartan number will always be a classic choice. This set utilizes a classic design for a fit that is both flattering and comforting; it really is the best of both worlds.

Fluffy Knit Slippers

There’s nothing worse than a frozen set of toes and if you’re battling a particularly cold winter season, you might be more used to sporting ice-like feet than others. It’s time to take a stand and invest in a really great pair of slippers. Knitted booties are always a good option to keep in the house, particularly if you know that you’re going to get a lot of wear out of them. This simple gray pair is plush and cozy, helping to keep your toes, feet and ankles toasty and warm no matter the state of the weather.

Embroidered Nightshirt

More of a nightshirt kind of person? You’re well covered in the sleepwear department. Opting for a loose fit, buttoned number is a simple way to get into the winter season and sport something that’s going to keep you warm. This classic embroidered number is simple and chic, finished off with all the trimmings. The simplistic pocket detail sets the look apart from the rest, helping you to kick back in style.

Dreamy Striped Pants

Mixing and matching your sleepwear is a great way to make more out of each clothing item and experiment with your style. Individual loungewear items are always a perfect pick and if you select within the same color palette, you can easily pair up a whole load of different items. When it comes to cozy basics, these striped night pants take some serious beating. Well fitting and adjustable, the pants make a great item to wear around the house, giving you even more chance to relax when you want.

Maxi Pyjama Kimono

If you’re less than thrilled about the thought of layering up with a bulky dressing gown, why not try turning your attention to on oversized kimono? Swathes of material don’t have to be heavy and synthetic and by covering yourself in an item that is light and loose, you can protect yourself against the cold without feeling weighed down. This chic and flattering kimono can hide a multitude of sins and might soon become your favorite item of clothing to wear around the house.

Printed Pajama Pant

Sleepwear is a great way to experiment with your style and with any number of designs out there, you can go as daring as you like with the whole thing. Opting for a small print can serve you well in the sleepwear department, making it even easier for you to mix and match existing items you already have. Neutral tones and soft fabrics are the ultimate winter combination, giving you a great deal to play with when you’re pairing off individual items.

Need To Know: A Guide To Cruelty Free Makeup

With so many options at the drugstore, it’s easier than ever to go completely cruelty-free with your makeup choices. While getting into the lifestyle choice can get a little getting used to, you can soon shake up your branding choices in order to ensure you’re making a more positive impact on the world around you. For all newbies to the subject, cruelty free products ensure that no animal testing methods were used in production and all materials inside followed the same kind of process. Ensuring parent companies and conglomerates associated with each product are cruelty free, however, can be a little more complex, so it pays to really do your research before you get buying.

These makeup brands are not just at the top of their games but also, they ensure that each part of the production company is as kind as can be. Animal-friendly from start to finish, the makeup products will see you through for the long haul, helping the world to become a better place!

EcoTools Bamboo 5 Piece Brush Set

While you might be focused on the makeup products themselves, you might not have stopped to think about how the instruments you use in your routine were sourced. These EcoTools brushes are as safe as can be, following only the most ecological procedures in their production. A great starter collection for the makeup lover, the brush set ensures you get off on the right foot, helping you to apply your makeup while doing a little good, too.

Flower About Face Foundation With Primer

Getting your base down can make all the difference to your makeup look, so it’s worth investing your time in selecting the right product. The Flower About Face foundation is not only a worthy addition to your makeup routine but also, will help you to spread a little good around the planet. A two-in-one product, the foundation will help you save time in the morning and get a great amount of coverage in a couple of pumps. Better yet, the foundation is a cheaper alternative to the best high end brands, helping to keep your finances safe.

Mineral Fusion Blush

Mineral-based products are well worth looking into, particularly if flawless coverage is your thing. The Mineral Fusion Blush is one of the very best out there, giving you just the right kick of color without going overboard. As well as being cruelty-free, the product is free from talc, which can act as an allergen to more sensitive complexions. Stock your makeup draw up with this product and see how your beauty regime transforms itself.

Wet N Wild Contouring Palette

With so much emphasis going on the base, you might well think about investing in a really good contouring palette. If that’s the case, Wet N Wild has you well sorted, offering up a product as effective as it is kind to the environment. As well as coming in well below other contouring palettes, the product helps to warm up and define your complexion incredibly well. If natural contouring is your thing, this is the product for you, containing less harsh pigmentation for a more natural look.

Pixi Lash Line Ink

Defining your lash line can give you that made up look without piling on the extra makeup. If you’re looking for a natural approach to the look, the Pixi Lash Line Ink is a must for your makeup drawer. Defining your eyes in a simple flick, the product is as easy to use as it is effective. Pixi is also dedicated to ensuring that both its products and raw materials are never tested on animals, meaning you can happily enjoy any item in their collection!

E.L.F. Eyebrow Kit

Forgetting to focus on your eyebrows is practically a cardinal sin in the makeup world. If you’re looking for an effective, cruelty-free product, the E.LF. Eyebrow Kit is the product for you. Helping to define your brows without that “drawn on” look, the makeup lets you choose between a wax and a powder. The brush within the product is perfect for completing your look, so make sure you take the kit with you on the go.

Fall In Focus: Essential Pieces For This Season’s Wardrobe

Now that September is well and truly under way, the first signs of fall have started to appear. With leaves tumbling, temperatures dropping and spiced drinks flowing, we can finally start to turn our attentions to the fall wardrobe and everything that comes with it. Fall is one of the best seasons for clothing out there; neither too hot nor too cold, it gives you the opportunity to play around with your styling and sample a new look or two along the way. This fall, it’s all about utility pieces and by choosing the most adaptable styles out there, you can make even more out of your wardrobe.

These fall pieces are always essential buys and by making them a part of your look this season, you can breathe new life into your existing pieces.

Fitted Turtleneck

While the turtleneck was once a thing of fashion’s past, it has made a comeback in recent years and now, it is bigger and better than ever before. Rather than opting for a baggy, oversized number, you would do well to turn your attention to the more fitted counterparts that are making the rounds. Choosing a snug turtleneck in a wine, navy or green shade can help you cosy up to the season without putting in too much effort. Shallow necked efforts are arguably the most chic out there and by teaming them with skirts and pants alike, you can make the most out of the changing weather and your changing wardrobe!

Bomber Jacket

With fall under way, it’s time to start layering up and there is no better way in which to do so than with a bomber jacket. Lightweight, fuss free and easily worn, the bomber jacket can update any existing look you have, adding a sporty edge to even the most polished of outfits. Choosing a well fitted bomber jacket in a leather, silk or mesh finish can update the looks you already have and give you a fresh option to add to your existing rotation. There are a ton out there at this time of year so no matter your budget, you’re bound to find something you really love!


There are sneakers and then there are sneakers. Our attentions are most firmly focused on the latter category. Chic, pared back sneakers are a great way to segway into the colder season, giving your feet a chance to settle into a closed off shoe in the best comfort possible. When you’re on the hunt for the perfect pair, think simple. Plain leather finishes in muted tones can be added to any kind of outfit to finish it off with a contemporary feel. If you want to go a little more luxe in your search, try opting for a metallic hue. The tone will add a pop to any outfit, letting your feet do the talking for you.

Printed Blouse

With all of those neutral tones making an appearance, it’s worth opting for something that has a little bit more going on. Enter the printed blouse. Easily incorporated into any neutral wardrobe, the printed blouse can help to update even the oldest of looks. For the best results, try opting for regular patterns and teaming it with a well fitted pair of trousers. Whether you tuck it in or leave it loose is up to you; you can change the look of your outfit simply by how you style it.

Faux Suede Skirt

Suede look materials have been making a name for themselves for several seasons now and it doesn’t look like the trend is going to stop any time soon. Whether you go long or super short with your selection, the choice is yours. Both can be easily paired into a fall wardrobe, so don’t be afraid to experiment with the length. Pencil styles are some of the most adaptable, easily teamed with a t shirt, chunky sweater or lighter knit. If you’re opting for a shorter number, try adding extra height with a pair of knee high boots. Your look can see you through warmer spells and colder days; adapt your skirt with any number of layers and see just how well it can work for you.

Beyond Fashion: 6 Plus Size Brands You Need In Your Life

Fashion has never been better than it is at this point in time. Now, it is incredibly easy to find brands that cater to your individual needs, be them vegan, ecological or humanitarian. When it comes to plus size brands, however, you might have been harder pressed to find something that really works for your body type. That is, until now. In recent years and months, a number of plus size brands have really stepped into the limelight and upped their game and the results are worth getting interested in. These brands are taking their styling to the next level, serving up a fashion pallette that is really getting it right, down to every last detail. Want to know where to do your next round of shopping? Let these plus size brands lead the way.

ASOS Curve

As well as killing it in practically all other elements of their branding, ASOS are doing a lot of good for plus size fashion. Not only are pieces presented from a range of different designers but also, the selection favors a huge range of different cuts and fittings; there really is no one size fits all mentality about this range. If you’re looking for items that will take you from day into night, this is the brand to follow. Chic, laid back and everything in between, the ASOS Curve range is one to watch right now.


If major fashion statements are more your thing, however, Eloquii is a brand to watch. Serving up a range of clothing that can go from work events to social outings, the brand will help you to get kitted out in the very best statement pieces out there. Refreshingly, the brand takes influence from the runways, adapting some of the most popular high fashion pieces for the high street. Finished off with some of the best cuts out there, Eloquii’s clothes are as flattering as they are fashionable and any piece from their collection is not going to disappoint.

Missguided Plus

Taking influence from the brand’s already popular clothing range, Missguided Plus presents a collection of clothes that can work for any occasion. The pieces in the ranges are incredibly well cut and tailored to a T, helping you to make the most of what you’re wearing. In the collection, the human body is celebrated and any of their pieces are bound to boost your confidence in what you’re wearing. Better yet, the quality of the clothes is some of the very best out there, helping you to be even prouder of what you’re wearing.

Violeta by Mango

If the thought of shopping at Mango is something that gets you inspired, then you’re about to get even more interested. Taking influence from European fashion, Violeta by Mango is a great choice if you prefer classic fashion and in every collection, there are a huge amount of timeless pieces. Classic cuts and colors figure throughout the ranges, making it one of the most wearable and adaptable brands out there. The hues and tones in the clothes will see you through any season, helping you to get more than your money’s worth out of the clothes.

Addition Elle

If you’re one for staying on trend, Addition Elle has some incredible pieces for you to try. Packed full of seasonal printed pieces, workout clothes and formal wear, the brand is flattering on any kind of body type, helping you to look your best no matter what you’re wearing. The online shop features a number of different brands in the collections, too, giving you the opportunity to mix and match what you’re wearing, whenever you feel like it!


Founded in the UK but now available around the world, Evans is serving up some seriously enviable looks. The pieces are pretty and fashion forwards, finished off in a range of different styles and cuts. While the looks themselves are incredibly adaptable, the clothes come in a huge amount of different sizes, helping you to flatter your body shape in the best way and stay on trend with what you’re wearing!

Go Vegan!: The Leather Free Luxury Goods You Need To Know

Now’s the time to do you part and give back to the world. With so many fashion brands becoming eco-conscious, sustainable materials are very much in and whatever your budget, you can find something just as chic as the leather goods you’re used to sporting. Vegan fashion gets rid of the animal products in your luxury goods, instead using natural, long lasting materials that don’t include an ounce of cruelty in their manufacturing. Would your favorite fashionista wear the latest vegan looks? You bet they would. Thanks to the raised awareness on the subject, non-leather goods have hit the mainstream and now, stumbling across a great brand is as easy as blowing your budget on a new pair of shoe; let’s face it, we’ve all been there.

These vegan, leather-free goods are even better than the real thing and will last you well into the future. Want to be really proud of the purse you’re sporting on your arm? It’s time to cut out the leather and pick up these vegan bags.

Matt & Nat Crossbody Bag

Looking for a great brand to get behind? We give you Matt & Nat. Creating a diverse range of chic non-leather bags, the brand is committed to presenting wearable, sustainable designs that will last as long as you want them to. If you’re looking for the ultimate day to day purse, the crossbody bag is your best bet. Compact enough to fit into your active lifestyle but roomy enough to house your essentials, the bag is a must have if you life your live on the go. The quality of the vegan leather is second to none and if you didn’t know better, you might just have been fooled into thinking that it was the real deal.

Susan Nichole Elie Wallet

If you’ve got the perfect purse, you need to find the wallet to match. This Susan Nichole number might be the closest thing to perfect that you will find and better yet, it’s entirely cruelty free. Balancing tone and texture to the ultimate effect, the wallet is unusual enough to go with any outfit and yet stylish enough to last through the seasons. Thanks to its size, you can fit all of your cards and cash into the wallet with no problem and with an attachable chain strap, the bag can be taken with you wherever you might be headed.

Deux Lux Daydream Passport Holder

Now that summer has arrived, you might be lucky enough to be jetting off into the sunset and for all of you traveling, you need something that’s going to secure your most precious item. Passport holders might come and go but this Deux Lux Daydream Holder is forever. Patterned, sturdy and oh-so pretty, the holder will set your essentials apart from the rest, helping you to get your hands on you passport no matter the squeeze you’re in. Made of vegan products, the holder has no hidden baggage, meaning you can get on with your adventure with a real spring in your step!

Amitie Vegan Leather Clutch

Sometimes, all you need is a really special item to finish off your wardrobe nicely. The Amitie Vegan Leather Clutch might be just the piece you were looking for. A clutch that doubles as a wallet, it can see you through any situation and will fit a surprising amount inside. The woven detail of the clutch really sets it apart from the rest, elevating any special outfit to the next level. Now, you can support a vegan mentality and still look your very best; what’s not to love about that?

Street Level Reversible Tote

There are tote bags and then there are tote bags. This Street Level Reversible Tote is very much in the latter category. Snapping shut with a simply click, the bag is the ultimate daytime number, helping you to cart around your everyday items without a second thought. The quality of the vegan leather is second to none and unless you are in the know, you might be hard pushed to separate the material from the real thing. Reversible and complete with a mini vegan leather wristlet, the tote can be transformed to match any occasion and any season; it’s just up to you to decide how you wear it!

Fresh Thinking: How To Breathe Life Into Your Jewelry Collection

Your jewelry says more about you as a person than you might think. The right kinds of jewels can take any outfit to the next level, finishing it off with just enough pizazz to make it something really special. Get your accessories wrong, on the other hand, and you can risk looking unbalanced and overdressed, no matter your choice of clothing. Freshening up your wardrobe could be as simple as changing up the kind of jewelry that you’re wearing and by making a few select choices, you can give your whole look a revamp.

Feeling in a fashion rut? It could be down to the accessories that you’re sporting. If you’re feeling like you’re in need of a change, now is the time to act; you can revamp your jewelry collection and get a brand new style.

State Your Look With One Piece

Every jewelry collection needs a defining, statement piece and when it comes to claiming your accessories, it pays to go about it in the right way. While playing it safe with your accessories will certainly get you by, making a bold claim every now and then can really help to elevate your look and freshen up your fashion choices. Stepping out of your comfort zone and finding one great statement piece will redefine the way you see your jewelry collection and how you put your pieces together. Don’t let your jewelry gather dust, either; try pairing it with a new outfit at least once a week. Pretty soon, you might just see your clothes in a brand new light.

Try On The Latest Trend

Just like high fashion, jewelry has its seasons and making yourself familiar with the latest looks is a great way to mix up the kinds of pieces you’re wearing. While a simple collection will last a lifetime, you can also try balancing more classic pieces with up to date accessories to keep things looking fresh. Try taking a look at what the most popular fashion bloggers are wearing at the moment, or flipping through a magazine. Once you start paying attention to the details, you might be surprised at just how quickly they can change over time.

Layer Up

If minimalism is your thing, you can try taking on the layering trend. Sporting a number of different pieces at the same time can help to give older jewelry new life and mix up your choice of clothing, too. Layering things like stacking rings and necklaces can help to show off new pieces and expand your fashion horizons. The more risks that you take, the more options that you can find for the pieces you currently have. Finding new inspiration doesn’t have to be about spending a ton of money now; you can easily freshen up what you already have and find a brand new look.

Add A Little Color

Sticking to the same old gold and silver variations can be more than a little boring and if you want to shake up your look, it pays to think outside the box. Adding color and texture to your jewelry collection will elevate your look and give you a whole lot more to play with. Look for brightly colored gemstones, rose gold pieces or even accessories with fabrics and feathers incorporated within them. Adding in extra materials can completely redefine your look and alter the way that you wear your clothes.

Do A 180

When you’re completely sick and tired of what you already have, no amount of small changes will do and soon enough, you might be craving something completely different. It could be time to pull out the big guns. When you fail to love the pieces you have gathered over the years, it’s often a sign that what you already have simply doesn’t fit who you are anymore. Searching for a new aesthetic is a great way to take up a brand new look and express yourself in a way that feels more fitting. You can get inspiration from fashion blogs and magazines or simply get out there and hit the mall. You know what catches your eye so don’t feel afraid to follow your gut instinct; you call the shots now. Pretty soon, you can have a brand new collection and an entirely new fashion perspective!

Self Style: How To Revamp Your Wardrobe

Getting the chance to have your very own personal stylist is something that many of dream about. While you might already have your own signature look, knowing how to pair outfits together on a daily basis can still sometimes be a struggle and rather than the minimalist, Pinterest dream you long for, your closet might still be a mishmash of the everyday, the occasional and the mismatched. Getting advice from a trained expert is one of the best ways to get your clothing life into order but unless you’re a celebrity or in the fashion industry, actually finding someone who can help can be something of an issue.

Luckily, though, there is another way. By applying the mentality of a personal stylist to your own wardrobe, you can figure out where to streamline your fashion choices and pinpoint what is missing from your collection. You are your ultimate critic, so be prepared to self-edit, take a long hard look at your clothing choices and get your closet back on track.

What Are You Trying To Achieve?

Before you get going with revamping your style, it’s worth taking a look at your existing collection and asking yourself what you want to change. Do you need clothes for work of functional events? Are you trying to become more refined? Do you simply want to make better use out of what you already have? Going into the whole process with a clear idea of what you want to get out of it at the end will help you to refine your focus and streamline your efforts towards the areas that really need extra work.

Where Are The Holes?

We’re talking about holes in your clothing collection, of course! Taking stock of what you already have inside your closet is a great way of figuring out where you need to begin making changes and of the types of pieces that might work well with your existing outfits. Try separating pieces into categories and then pairing them together into potential outfits. If you find that you’re missing a few extra shirts or one great dress, add them onto your “to buy” list. The key is to have a complete collection that can last into the future.

What Events Do You Have Lined Up?

If you’re going to be making drastic changes to your existing clothing collection, it’s worth taking a look at your diary before you get going. What social events or work functions do you have coming up? Where are you going to spending a lot of your time in the near future? The things that you have lined up are likely going to take up the majority of your time, so it’s worth making sure that your closet matches up what you have going on. If you find any huge gaps, try and fill them before the event comes up, keeping your existing outfits in mind.

What Makes You Feel Comfortable?

The most important thing to bear in mind when you’re making any major clothing changes is what makes you feel comfortable. While the thought of getting a brand new look might seem tempting, you’re not going to wear clothes if you don’t feel comfortable in them, so any new purchase like this will only turn out to be a waste. Your personal style should be individual to you, so try not to fixate too much on current trends when you go shopping. Think about how you like to feel during the week and at the weekend and go on from there!

What Do You Love In Your Closet Now?

When you get going in revamping your wardrobe, try taking a look at what you already like in your collection. Pick out three to four pieces that you really love and use them as your starting point. The chances are that, if you love the clothing item, it says something important about your personal style, so try and go with it. Something as simple as a color choice or a cut of t-shirt could be all that it takes to find your personal style; go with what makes you happy!

Changing up your wardrobe is a great way of refreshing your look and making more out of your outfits but essentially, you need to craft something that feels true to who you are. Pick a direction a go with it, but if you want to go outside of the lines from time to time, feel free; your style reflects who you are, so make sure you do yourself justice.

Eco Warrior: 5 Fair Trade Fashion Brands To Get Behind

As we march into the future, it’s all about doing the best we can for the planet. Whether it’s what we eat, how we get around or the way we dispose of our waste, increasing numbers of us are doing all that we can in order to reduce our carbon footprint and improve the state of the globe. It should come as no surprise, then, that the fashion industry has also fallen into line and now, many clothing brands are following an entirely eco friendly message, pulling out some of the most environmentally friendly and stylish designs. With so many different companies calling for your attention, though, getting started can be a real challenge and before long, you might get lost in a world of eco friendly pieces. Have no fear. Getting behind the green message is an incredibly positive step and while there are a huge number of companies out there, these ones might just take the cake.

Ready to get fighting? It’s time to become an eco warrior.

People Tree

Want a brand that really cares? People Tree should be your go to clothing source. With a history dating back more than 20 years, the clothes company are renowned for supporting fair trade producers and suppliers, ensuring that all involved in the manufacturing process get their fair share for the amount of work they put in. The brand also champions cotton supply in the industry, seeing the production of the material through from start to finish, ensuring that all stages are carried out to the highest degree of care. Better yet, the fashion they put forward is clean, minimalist and timeless; perfect for any time of the year!


Looking for something with a little more color? Feast your eyes on Mayamiko, one of the boldest and most vibrant eco brands around the world. Going directly to the source, the UK based company works with disadvantaged communities in Malawi in order to source and and create their entirely Fair Trade collections. While Mayamiko started off as a charity, it soon became a way to help poorer communities get off the ground and earn money from their own skills. Mayamiko’s clothes might be stylish and chic but woven into each garment is an individual story; you just need to look a little more closely.

Made Fair

Presenting ethical, sustainable and Fair Trade collections, Made Fair hits the eco message and then some. Acting as an antidote to fast, throw away fashion, the brand believes in sustainable, quality goods, presenting collections that will last well into the future. Individual pieces might be modern and contemporary but in their quality and design, they can be worn for years to come. Fashion might be changing, but that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be durable.

Amour Vert

Selling to the eco every girl around the world, Amour Vert is chic and green in equal measures. As well as following a zero waste policy, the fashion brand produces clothes in specially engineered fabrics, designed to be flattering, comfortable and incredibly durable into the future. If you’re a shopaholic with an environmentally friendly message, this might just be the brand for you.


Working directly with artisans in Peru, Nisolo is an authentic a fashion brand as they come. Providing a platform on which local creatives and producers have the chance to sell their goods and receive correct compensation for their efforts, the brand is helping to shape communities, leading the disadvantaged into a fairer future. Not only are all items painstakingly hand made but also, are of the very best quality, meaning that you get exactly what you pay for. Sustainable, chic and Fair Trade? Now that’s something to get behind.

With the future of trade very much up in the air, how we shop and dress at this point in time has never been more important. Thanks to the interests of Fair Trade organizations around the world, taking part in a fairer future is now a relative breeze and if you follow the right brands, you can help to pave the way to a greener, more sustainable world. The globe is a big place; it is up to us to make sure that we make the most out of it that we can.

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