Beyond Fashion: 6 Plus Size Brands You Need In Your Life

Fashion has never been better than it is at this point in time. Now, it is incredibly easy to find brands that cater to your individual needs, be them vegan, ecological or humanitarian. When it comes to plus size brands, however, you might have been harder pressed to find something that really works for your body type. That is, until now. In recent years and months, a number of plus size brands have really stepped into the limelight and upped their game and the results are worth getting interested in. These brands are taking their styling to the next level, serving up a fashion pallette that is really getting it right, down to every last detail. Want to know where to do your next round of shopping? Let these plus size brands lead the way.

ASOS Curve

As well as killing it in practically all other elements of their branding, ASOS are doing a lot of good for plus size fashion. Not only are pieces presented from a range of different designers but also, the selection favors a huge range of different cuts and fittings; there really is no one size fits all mentality about this range. If you’re looking for items that will take you from day into night, this is the brand to follow. Chic, laid back and everything in between, the ASOS Curve range is one to watch right now.


If major fashion statements are more your thing, however, Eloquii is a brand to watch. Serving up a range of clothing that can go from work events to social outings, the brand will help you to get kitted out in the very best statement pieces out there. Refreshingly, the brand takes influence from the runways, adapting some of the most popular high fashion pieces for the high street. Finished off with some of the best cuts out there, Eloquii’s clothes are as flattering as they are fashionable and any piece from their collection is not going to disappoint.

Missguided Plus

Taking influence from the brand’s already popular clothing range, Missguided Plus presents a collection of clothes that can work for any occasion. The pieces in the ranges are incredibly well cut and tailored to a T, helping you to make the most of what you’re wearing. In the collection, the human body is celebrated and any of their pieces are bound to boost your confidence in what you’re wearing. Better yet, the quality of the clothes is some of the very best out there, helping you to be even prouder of what you’re wearing.

Violeta by Mango

If the thought of shopping at Mango is something that gets you inspired, then you’re about to get even more interested. Taking influence from European fashion, Violeta by Mango is a great choice if you prefer classic fashion and in every collection, there are a huge amount of timeless pieces. Classic cuts and colors figure throughout the ranges, making it one of the most wearable and adaptable brands out there. The hues and tones in the clothes will see you through any season, helping you to get more than your money’s worth out of the clothes.

Addition Elle

If you’re one for staying on trend, Addition Elle has some incredible pieces for you to try. Packed full of seasonal printed pieces, workout clothes and formal wear, the brand is flattering on any kind of body type, helping you to look your best no matter what you’re wearing. The online shop features a number of different brands in the collections, too, giving you the opportunity to mix and match what you’re wearing, whenever you feel like it!


Founded in the UK but now available around the world, Evans is serving up some seriously enviable looks. The pieces are pretty and fashion forwards, finished off in a range of different styles and cuts. While the looks themselves are incredibly adaptable, the clothes come in a huge amount of different sizes, helping you to flatter your body shape in the best way and stay on trend with what you’re wearing!

Fresh Thinking: How To Breathe Life Into Your Jewelry Collection

Your jewelry says more about you as a person than you might think. The right kinds of jewels can take any outfit to the next level, finishing it off with just enough pizazz to make it something really special. Get your accessories wrong, on the other hand, and you can risk looking unbalanced and overdressed, no matter your choice of clothing. Freshening up your wardrobe could be as simple as changing up the kind of jewelry that you’re wearing and by making a few select choices, you can give your whole look a revamp.

Feeling in a fashion rut? It could be down to the accessories that you’re sporting. If you’re feeling like you’re in need of a change, now is the time to act; you can revamp your jewelry collection and get a brand new style.

State Your Look With One Piece

Every jewelry collection needs a defining, statement piece and when it comes to claiming your accessories, it pays to go about it in the right way. While playing it safe with your accessories will certainly get you by, making a bold claim every now and then can really help to elevate your look and freshen up your fashion choices. Stepping out of your comfort zone and finding one great statement piece will redefine the way you see your jewelry collection and how you put your pieces together. Don’t let your jewelry gather dust, either; try pairing it with a new outfit at least once a week. Pretty soon, you might just see your clothes in a brand new light.

Try On The Latest Trend

Just like high fashion, jewelry has its seasons and making yourself familiar with the latest looks is a great way to mix up the kinds of pieces you’re wearing. While a simple collection will last a lifetime, you can also try balancing more classic pieces with up to date accessories to keep things looking fresh. Try taking a look at what the most popular fashion bloggers are wearing at the moment, or flipping through a magazine. Once you start paying attention to the details, you might be surprised at just how quickly they can change over time.

Layer Up

If minimalism is your thing, you can try taking on the layering trend. Sporting a number of different pieces at the same time can help to give older jewelry new life and mix up your choice of clothing, too. Layering things like stacking rings and necklaces can help to show off new pieces and expand your fashion horizons. The more risks that you take, the more options that you can find for the pieces you currently have. Finding new inspiration doesn’t have to be about spending a ton of money now; you can easily freshen up what you already have and find a brand new look.

Add A Little Color

Sticking to the same old gold and silver variations can be more than a little boring and if you want to shake up your look, it pays to think outside the box. Adding color and texture to your jewelry collection will elevate your look and give you a whole lot more to play with. Look for brightly colored gemstones, rose gold pieces or even accessories with fabrics and feathers incorporated within them. Adding in extra materials can completely redefine your look and alter the way that you wear your clothes.

Do A 180

When you’re completely sick and tired of what you already have, no amount of small changes will do and soon enough, you might be craving something completely different. It could be time to pull out the big guns. When you fail to love the pieces you have gathered over the years, it’s often a sign that what you already have simply doesn’t fit who you are anymore. Searching for a new aesthetic is a great way to take up a brand new look and express yourself in a way that feels more fitting. You can get inspiration from fashion blogs and magazines or simply get out there and hit the mall. You know what catches your eye so don’t feel afraid to follow your gut instinct; you call the shots now. Pretty soon, you can have a brand new collection and an entirely new fashion perspective!

The Travel Accessory Guide For Any Season

If there’s one thing that you need when you’re traveling then it’s a good accessory. Travel “must-haves” might come and go, but when it comes to the essentials, it’s all in the smaller details. Arming yourself up with a pile of handy travel extras before you jet off could just be the difference in making your trip good and great. And if they just happen to be gorgeous too? That’s just an extra added bonus.

With precious luggage space coming at a premium, it’s more than likely that you’re going to try and pack more than ever into your carry-on and if that’s the case, space is key. Saving you on weight, time and luggage room, these travel accessories will see you through any kind of trip, at any time of the year. Buckle up, we’re about to take off.

Roll Up Travel Charger 

Touching down in a new country only to discover the black, lifeless screen of your phone is not exactly the best way to start your trip. Using your phone or portable device on long haul flights could mean draining its battery even faster than usual, resulting in a whole lack of communication when you finally do land. Luckily, however, there is a travel accessory for that. The Roll Up Travel Charger comes equipped with four USB ports for plugging in your chargers. Simply load up the battery before you go, bring along your cables and charge away to your heart’s content.

Liquid Carry On Bag

If you get away multiple times throughout the year, it might be worth investing in a carry-on bag for all of your miniature liquids. While clear bags do the trick, they’re much more inclined to break or split during turbulence, leaving you with a big mess to deal with on the other side. The Flight 001 Aeronaught Liquid Carry On Bag could be the answer to your minimalist dreams. Clear and neatly packaged, it’s the perfect size for throwing in all of your bottled liquids. Better yet, it’s TSA approved, so won’t cost you extra time at boarding.

Fold Up Ballet Flats

Great for both your travel case and your day bag, these fold up ballet flats will see you through pretty much any situation. Emergency footwear can come in use at any point during your trip, so arming yourself with something practical and fashionable might be worth the investment. The Yosi Samra fold up ballet flats are some of the best on the market, and come in pretty much every color and design under the sun. Simply roll up these flats, store them in your case and whip them out wherever you might need them. Easy!

Travel Journal

While everyone else might be documenting their travels through Instagram snaps and travel apps, there is something to be said about keeping it old school. Investing in a travel journal is a great way to document everything that happened to you on your trip, and keep the memories truly alive for years down the line. If you’re in line for a truly unique travel journal, then you should look no further than the Bon Voyage journal by Rifle Paper Co. Complete with cute illustrations, gold edging and space for all your thoughts and feels, the journal might give you a case of serious wanderlust.


While a pair of headphones might be something that you have on you all of the time, arming yourself with a really great pair when you’re traveling can make all of the difference. Jetting off with a pair of Friends Taylor Headphones clipped over your ears will make your journey all the sweeter. Finished in metallic gold and complete with memory foam ear cushions, the headphones might just become your staple listening equipment.

Waterproof Phone Case 

As dramatic as it might sound, losing the use of your phone can feel very much like losing someone very close and important to you. Cut off from your nearest and dearest, at least temporarily, it’s easy to feel a little isolated in the middle of the world, and unsure of what to do next. To avoid any technological mishaps, then, it’s worth investing in an accessory that will protect your phone, whatever might happen. This FRiEK waterproof phone case is guaranteed to keep all manner of liquids away from your device, while still enabling you to use it. Best of all, it allows you to take underwater pictures, too!
What travel accessories do you need to take with you? Comment below and tell us what you think!

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