5 Decorating Tips for Anyone on a Budget

Well designed homes shouldn’t only be sanctuaries for the wealthy. If you’re pinching pennies and on a budget, you too can have a home you love.

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As an interior designer, I’ve had years of experience creating beautiful homes for people of all income levels. Read on for the best budget-friendly decorating tips so you too can create a home you’ll love and want to share with others!

Clean and get organized

First and foremost organize and clean your space. Many people skip over this step, not realizing the extent that clean shelves and shiny floors can do for the quality of home. Begin in one room, making piles of things you want to give away and things you want to throw out, and then move onto the next room. The more you get rid of, the more mental clarity you will feel. Then, it’s time to pull out your cleaning supplies, roll up your sleeves and get to work. Get rid of the dust bunnies and shine your floors because the fun part (decorating) is coming up next!

Paint an accent wall

Paint is a cheap, quick and easy DIY project that can drastically change the entire look of your home. And you don’t need to paint the entire room, a simple accent wall can have the same impact. Depending on the size of your accent wall, one quart or liter should be enough. One quart of paint covers up to 100 sq ft and a 2.5 liter can covers up to 260 sq ft. I suggest choosing a paint that already has a built in primer, so all you need is one coat. Best part: this can be done in a few hours!

Do it yourself

Don’t be afraid to use your own hands and creativity to create your own decor rather than buying them. Is there a that you really want but don’t want to pay $400? Pull out some paper, acrylic paint and use that painting as inspiration for your own rendition. Don’t want to spend $350 on that entryway bench? Get a cheap wood shelf, buy legs on Wayfair or Etsy, screw them in with a drill, and voila! Jump in and see what you can create. You’ll be surprised at your own talents!

Re-purpose what you already have

Make the most of what you already have and “shop” your own home! You don’t necessarily need to buy anything new to decorate a space. Try moving that accent chair or piece of art to a different room. Do you really need new kitchen cabinets, or can you paint them and add on new hardware? Are there beautiful hardwood floors under that old carpet? You’ll be amazed at the gems you already have!

Shop discount stores

I’ll find inspiration for most of my designs on blogs, Instagram, and magazines to get an idea of the type of pieces that i’m looking for and then browse discount stores or flea markets to find those pieces for much cheaper. My favorite is Wayfair because they have so many different items, ranging from furniture and decor, to kitchen utensils and outdoor, all in different design styles at up to 70% retail price. I found an entryway bench on Wayfair that looks almost identical to one that I found at West Elm, for $400 less. Anyone walking through my home would never know! Check it out and see what you can find!

Decorating on a budget isn’t impossible! Use these tips to get started and don’t be afraid to try something new. Put on your interior design cap and see what you come up with!

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