The Foodie’s Guide To Paris

Paris. The city of lights. Home to some of the most famous culture in the world. The French capital is one of the top tourist hotspots around the world, and it’s not hard to see why. Brimming with art, packed to the rafters with monuments, the city is a real gem in the European crown and visiting there at least once in your life should be high up on your travel agenda. When it comes to cuisine, the French have had a hold on the industry for decades but in recent years, Paris has begun to change its tune. What was once a hub of traditional French dining has taken a more contemporary turn and now, you’re just as likely to stumble across a modern fusion dish as you are a French classic. But where should you be eating in the city? That is the question on everyone’s lips and luckily for you, we’re here to answer it.


Brunching in Paris is practically an institution and if you aren’t settling down for your weekly meal each Sunday, you can’t truly call yourself a local. While there are a ton of incredible eating spots around the city, few do the job quite as well as Holybelly. Located just off the city’s trendy Canal St. Martin, the cafe is a real foodie favorite and serves up some of the best food and coffee across the entire city. While the roster of daily specials is always worth a try, Holybelly comes out on top with its serving of eggs and sides. Get there early, though; the cafe is a local favorite and tables fill up fast.


Where French dining was once a heavy, butter laden affair, it has transformed itself and now, you would be more likely to find locals chowing down on a selection of small plates than anything else. While there are a horde of great, meaty joints, Clamato does something a little different, taking the small plates concept to the seafood market. Serving up a selection of unusual and exquisitely finished plates, the restaurant certainly knows what it’s doing and once you taste one plate, you might never want to eat traditional seafood again.

Frenchie To Go

While securing a place at the much celebrated Frenchie might be a little difficult, you can get a taste of Gregory Marchand’s foodie empire by pulling up a pew at concept fast food joint Frenchie To Go. Serving up a selection of quick and tasty meals, the restaurant is most famous for its pulled pork burger and fries, which tend to sell out as quickly as they come. Other offerings still hit the spot, however, and you can wash it down with a hot cup of coffee.


Thought that you had tasted every kind of Mexican food there is? Just wait until you try Candelaria. A cocktail bar and restaurant in one, this popular food spot serves up a mix of traditional Mexican food like you might have never seen, all washed down with a frozen margarita. The dinner menu might be small, but it’s seriously good and after one taste, you might be hooked for life.  

Au Passage

Fast food takes on a whole new meaning in Au Passage, one of the city’s most popular small plates restaurants. Nestled just a stone’s throw from vibrant République square, the restaurant rubs shoulders with some of the best cocktail spots in the city and is the perfect place in which to commence a night out. Make sure you make your order before it runs out; the kitchen is renowned for changing the menu by the minute, so if you see a waitress rushing towards the large menu blackboard, make your request before it’s too late.


While not strictly a restaurant, cocktail bar Gravity serves up a great selection of foodie bites to be washed down with its original creations. Having opened its doors last September, the bar has quickly proved to be a popular amongst locals and now, finding a table might be something of a struggle. The food menu is packed with the kinds of small plates making the rounds across the city right now and, accompanied by the bar’s many cocktails, they certainly go down a treat.

The Insider’s Guide to Paris

Across the world, it seems like everyone has their own opinion about the city of lights. Whether it is the capital of love, great food or influential art, it doesn’t matter; Paris is a city that has it all, constantly evolving to meet the tastes of its diverse locals. If you’re planning a visit to the French capital any time soon then you’re in for a treat; thanks to a blossoming local business and arts scene, there are more new places to try than ever in the city. All it takes is a little investigation.

Do you want to experience the city like a local and discover its hidden gems? You’ve come to the right place. Hold on tight; we’re about to journey to the other side of the city of lights.


Over the past few years, the food and drinks scene in Paris has exploded and where native dining used to be about lashings of butter, cream and cheese, now, the food is as experimental as it comes. Across the city, there are a huge number of cocktail and food bars which are growing in popularity by showcasing some of the best of France’s diverse local produce. If you’re looking for some of the most incredible out there, then you need to head to Gravity. Having opened towards the end of 2015, the bar is still relatively new on the scene, but that hasn’t stopped locals flooding there in their dozens. Home to an impeccable cocktail menu, the most delicious small plates you will ever taste and a sweeping, curved ceiling, Gravity is a nightlife experience unlike anywhere else in the city.

Le Bal

While Paris is known for its rich cultural and arts scene, it is doing a great many things for the contemporary scene, too. Although you might be tempted to head to some of the city’s major museums and galleries – which are certainly worth a visit – you can also try sourcing out a few lesser known spots, too. Gallery Le Bal sits just inside the 18th arrondissement close to Place de Clichy and is a real cultural find. Showcasing the most cutting edge artists and filmmakers, the tiny gallery always has something worth viewing that might just change your perspective on the world. The famous cafe also serves up a killer brunch that is worth hanging around for.

Halle Pajol

Located far in the north of Paris is a place that is completely changing its surrounding environment. The Halle Pajol is situated right next to the city’s train line and is a project that hopes to change how locals live in and use the space. Constructed out of wood and steel, the open plan building boasts and blooming botanical garden on one side, in which you are likely to find locals reading, chatting and enjoying the sun. Enter from the street side and you will be met with a entire set of new restaurants, cafes, shops and a youth hostel. It might be far from the city’s center, but Halle Pajol is transforming what Paris means to many people.

Louxor Cinema

A building that is as renowned for its interior architecture as its impressive film list, the Louxor cinema is worth visiting at least once in your life. Decked out in Egyptian-inspired art-deco design, the building itself is a sight for sore eyes and is unlike any other place in the city. While you can expect to find a number of new releases at the cinema, it is also renowned for its screenings of movie classics, which draw in the crowds from across the city.


If you’re in Paris on a Sunday, then you do brunch. Partaking in the meal is not even a point of question for most locals and if you want a real Parisian experience, then you too will take part in the feasting. Searching for the best brunch in the city might be a challenge but for many locals, there’s no question that Holybelly tops the list. Located next to the city’s trendy Canal St. Martin, the cafe serves up a whole range of brunch and lunch foods that are guaranteed to get your tummy rumbling. The menu often changes each weekend and the specials are always worth paying attention to, so make sure you ask before you order.

Experiencing Paris like a local can really show you an entirely new side to the city and completely change your presumptions about the French capital. Away from the cultural center, there are a great deal of new and underground things going on; all it takes is a little extra searching and Paris can be yours for the taking.