Need To Know: A Guide To Cruelty Free Makeup

With so many options at the drugstore, it’s easier than ever to go completely cruelty-free with your makeup choices. While getting into the lifestyle choice can get a little getting used to, you can soon shake up your branding choices in order to ensure you’re making a more positive impact on the world around you. For all newbies to the subject, cruelty free products ensure that no animal testing methods were used in production and all materials inside followed the same kind of process. Ensuring parent companies and conglomerates associated with each product are cruelty free, however, can be a little more complex, so it pays to really do your research before you get buying.

These makeup brands are not just at the top of their games but also, they ensure that each part of the production company is as kind as can be. Animal-friendly from start to finish, the makeup products will see you through for the long haul, helping the world to become a better place!

EcoTools Bamboo 5 Piece Brush Set

While you might be focused on the makeup products themselves, you might not have stopped to think about how the instruments you use in your routine were sourced. These EcoTools brushes are as safe as can be, following only the most ecological procedures in their production. A great starter collection for the makeup lover, the brush set ensures you get off on the right foot, helping you to apply your makeup while doing a little good, too.

Flower About Face Foundation With Primer

Getting your base down can make all the difference to your makeup look, so it’s worth investing your time in selecting the right product. The Flower About Face foundation is not only a worthy addition to your makeup routine but also, will help you to spread a little good around the planet. A two-in-one product, the foundation will help you save time in the morning and get a great amount of coverage in a couple of pumps. Better yet, the foundation is a cheaper alternative to the best high end brands, helping to keep your finances safe.

Mineral Fusion Blush

Mineral-based products are well worth looking into, particularly if flawless coverage is your thing. The Mineral Fusion Blush is one of the very best out there, giving you just the right kick of color without going overboard. As well as being cruelty-free, the product is free from talc, which can act as an allergen to more sensitive complexions. Stock your makeup draw up with this product and see how your beauty regime transforms itself.

Wet N Wild Contouring Palette

With so much emphasis going on the base, you might well think about investing in a really good contouring palette. If that’s the case, Wet N Wild has you well sorted, offering up a product as effective as it is kind to the environment. As well as coming in well below other contouring palettes, the product helps to warm up and define your complexion incredibly well. If natural contouring is your thing, this is the product for you, containing less harsh pigmentation for a more natural look.

Pixi Lash Line Ink

Defining your lash line can give you that made up look without piling on the extra makeup. If you’re looking for a natural approach to the look, the Pixi Lash Line Ink is a must for your makeup drawer. Defining your eyes in a simple flick, the product is as easy to use as it is effective. Pixi is also dedicated to ensuring that both its products and raw materials are never tested on animals, meaning you can happily enjoy any item in their collection!

E.L.F. Eyebrow Kit

Forgetting to focus on your eyebrows is practically a cardinal sin in the makeup world. If you’re looking for an effective, cruelty-free product, the E.LF. Eyebrow Kit is the product for you. Helping to define your brows without that “drawn on” look, the makeup lets you choose between a wax and a powder. The brush within the product is perfect for completing your look, so make sure you take the kit with you on the go.

Go Vegan!: The Leather Free Luxury Goods You Need To Know

Now’s the time to do you part and give back to the world. With so many fashion brands becoming eco-conscious, sustainable materials are very much in and whatever your budget, you can find something just as chic as the leather goods you’re used to sporting. Vegan fashion gets rid of the animal products in your luxury goods, instead using natural, long lasting materials that don’t include an ounce of cruelty in their manufacturing. Would your favorite fashionista wear the latest vegan looks? You bet they would. Thanks to the raised awareness on the subject, non-leather goods have hit the mainstream and now, stumbling across a great brand is as easy as blowing your budget on a new pair of shoe; let’s face it, we’ve all been there.

These vegan, leather-free goods are even better than the real thing and will last you well into the future. Want to be really proud of the purse you’re sporting on your arm? It’s time to cut out the leather and pick up these vegan bags.

Matt & Nat Crossbody Bag

Looking for a great brand to get behind? We give you Matt & Nat. Creating a diverse range of chic non-leather bags, the brand is committed to presenting wearable, sustainable designs that will last as long as you want them to. If you’re looking for the ultimate day to day purse, the crossbody bag is your best bet. Compact enough to fit into your active lifestyle but roomy enough to house your essentials, the bag is a must have if you life your live on the go. The quality of the vegan leather is second to none and if you didn’t know better, you might just have been fooled into thinking that it was the real deal.

Susan Nichole Elie Wallet

If you’ve got the perfect purse, you need to find the wallet to match. This Susan Nichole number might be the closest thing to perfect that you will find and better yet, it’s entirely cruelty free. Balancing tone and texture to the ultimate effect, the wallet is unusual enough to go with any outfit and yet stylish enough to last through the seasons. Thanks to its size, you can fit all of your cards and cash into the wallet with no problem and with an attachable chain strap, the bag can be taken with you wherever you might be headed.

Deux Lux Daydream Passport Holder

Now that summer has arrived, you might be lucky enough to be jetting off into the sunset and for all of you traveling, you need something that’s going to secure your most precious item. Passport holders might come and go but this Deux Lux Daydream Holder is forever. Patterned, sturdy and oh-so pretty, the holder will set your essentials apart from the rest, helping you to get your hands on you passport no matter the squeeze you’re in. Made of vegan products, the holder has no hidden baggage, meaning you can get on with your adventure with a real spring in your step!

Amitie Vegan Leather Clutch

Sometimes, all you need is a really special item to finish off your wardrobe nicely. The Amitie Vegan Leather Clutch might be just the piece you were looking for. A clutch that doubles as a wallet, it can see you through any situation and will fit a surprising amount inside. The woven detail of the clutch really sets it apart from the rest, elevating any special outfit to the next level. Now, you can support a vegan mentality and still look your very best; what’s not to love about that?

Street Level Reversible Tote

There are tote bags and then there are tote bags. This Street Level Reversible Tote is very much in the latter category. Snapping shut with a simply click, the bag is the ultimate daytime number, helping you to cart around your everyday items without a second thought. The quality of the vegan leather is second to none and unless you are in the know, you might be hard pushed to separate the material from the real thing. Reversible and complete with a mini vegan leather wristlet, the tote can be transformed to match any occasion and any season; it’s just up to you to decide how you wear it!